Real Fleece Outerwear from Ibex

We've been making a serious effort to get outside more often with our little guy. With cold weather returning (we had a brief "warm" spell), I can't help but think about our winter outerwear.

This year Jodi decided that he needed a new winter jacket. Having finished reading this book, which talks about the downfalls of polyester fleece and poly blends* he sought out a jacket made from natural materials. After a few internet searching sessions, he came across Ibex, a company co-founded in 1997 by a Vermont sheep farmer.

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Ibex operates out of White River Junction, Vermont and prides itself on offering high quality wool products using sustainable methods. Ibex has consumer-friendly policies (their product guarantee is about as good as they get) and they exude a wholesome aura - they plant a company garden and allow pets in the office.

This is the jacket that Jodi bought and loves. His is a dark gray color. It's simple, comfortable and warm.

There are so many reasons why wool is better than synthetic fleece. I have more to say, but will leave the rest for another post so that Ibex can have their moment in the spotlight here!

* Synthetic fleeces and synthetic/wool blends don't biodegrade and can't be recycled, so they end up in landfills when their life-cycles are complete. In addition, synthetic fleece is harmful in its creation and abrades over time, leaving small particles to be inhaled and consumed by those of us who wear it.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I must admit to having absolutely no affiliation with Ibex. We're just satisfied customers who want to spread the good word.

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