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Have you heard about they controversy surrounding horizontal hydrofracking? I am no expert on the topic, and only heard the term for the first time this fall. If you are from New York and care about the safety of your drinking water, your milk and your wild fish and game (that one's for you, Lauren) then I suggest you check out some of the links I've compiled.

As you'll see, New York and neighboring states sit atop a huge rock formation called Marcellus Shale. This formation is one that has been targeted by drilling companies as it is believed to contain a huge amount of untapped natural gas. The gas companies and Governor Patterson would love to collect the gas and the profits that come with it, but many experts and local citizens are understandably concerned about the implications.

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As a resident of this area, I have a very strong reaction to the information I've found. Living in a rural and agricultural community, clean water is essential to the health and economy of our area. Those of us who live off of the municipal water system have enough to worry about with water pollution from run-off pesticides and natural fertilizers (read: cow manure) infiltrating our wells. Clean water is something we should all have a right to. Horizontal Hydrofracking is not safe enough.

Stop the fracking, New York and protect your citizens!

Like I said, I'm still learning about fracking. So many people have so much more to say about it. Please consider checking out the following links to learn more about this important issue.

Newsweek article dated August 20, 2008
New York Times editorial dated October 16, 2009
Planet Green article dated October 17, 2009

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