Home Made Laundry Soap

Photo via Live Laugh Love
One of the little pleasures in my life is finding a way to get around "the system". It drives me a little crazy to think about all of the chemicals and packaging that come along with so many of the products we "need" to buy.

One of the products that I've been loving to replace is laundry soap. A year or two ago, my mom came across a recipe for liquid laundry detergent that she shared with me. I made the stuff a couple of times, but found it a little too involved to keep up with. Looking for a better solution, I found this recipe at DIY Natural for powdered laundry soap and have found it much easier.

The soap works great, even on diapers, and is best when made with natural soaps. I tried using the recommended Fels-Naptha the first time, but found the chemical smell to be too much for my sensitive nose. As far as I can tell, any soap will work, so use what you've got or what you prefer.


  1. this is great! also thanks so much for your lovely comment on my post last night.

  2. Yeah, I thought about just doing the powdered version, instead of making the liquid kind like we've been doing. But I have this feeling the soap shreds might not dissolve entirely in our incredibly cold water.

    Plus, Adam will actually help me make the laundry soap, so with both of us doing it, it literally takes 10 minutes. I can handle that.

  3. Yeah, my mom still prefers making the liquid too. It is fun to watch it get all slimy!