Scenes From a 3rd Birthday

It's been a busy and fun week with lots of birthday preparation and celebration.  We partied for 2 days straight - on Tuesday with the friends we made up north and yesterday with family at home.  As I was up at 5:45 on Tuesday, prepping fruit for Leif's pre-museum breakfast party, I couldn't help but think back to all of the early morning preparation that my mom would do to make life special for us.  From her I've learned to start from scratch, do it myself, and that less is always more except for when it comes to food - then you want lots of variety and plenty of it. 

I was too busy to snap many photos, but here are a few highlights from our birthday festivities:

 a lemon blueberry muffin breakfast cake with banana ice cream for the party with friends

 visiting the Sesame Street stoop at the Strong Museum of Play (which we all loved)

the long requested (raw carrot) "cake shaped like a dinosaur with blueberries, lollipops in the frosting and 5 birthday candles" - the kid knew what he wanted

chasing bubbles and relaxing before dark

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  1. Looks like he had a great day! I hope that you all enjoyed yourselves and we send our love to you all! Miss you guys and can't wait to try that cake!