Simple and Healthy Home Made Ice Cream

With the nicer weather Leif has been asking for ice cream (I made the mistake this winter of telling him that it's a summer food).  I've been making frozen smoothie and juice pops, but this recipe looks like a great way to satisfy all of our ice cream cravings.  Can you believe that creamy bowl of goodness is nothing more than a blended frozen banana?  You can bet we'll be trying this tonight.  Check it out for yourself @ the kitchn.

Update:  We made the ice cream, it looked just like the photo above and it was delicious on its own but even better with a few chocolate chips thrown in.  I did have to re-freeze for a bit after blending to let it set up for scooping.  We're going to be making this one a lot!


  1. I generally find no use for ice cream if it doesn't contain some kind of chocolate.

    I'm a very bad eating role model.

    P.S. I totally think of Kurt Cobain every time we put on Cubby's flannel shirt.

  2. I have got to try this ice cream for my twins who LOVE bananas!