Raw Carrot Cake is Delicious

I know I posted a link to this the other day, but raw carrot cake deserves a post of its own.  I've been thinking about what kind of kid-friendly cake to make for Leif's birthday at the end of the month and was intrigued by this recipe the first time I saw it.  It calls for no added sweeteners and is basically just a bunch of chopped dried fruit and carrot.  The best part about it (and the clincher, really) is that it can be easily formed into just about any shape you can come up with.  Leif has been asking for months if his birthday cake could be made in the shape of a dinosaur.  He also wants blueberries and 5 candles on top, which he will happily tell you if you ask how old he is.  Oh, and a present with two blue bows on top - they're simple requests and I'm working on making them happen.
We loved our trial run with this recipe and only made one adjustment - the frosting.  Jodi and I both agreed that carrot cake needs cream cheese frosting, so I left out the cashews and used cream cheese, agave syrup and a little bit of orange juice to make a just-sweet-enough frosting instead.  

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