Reusable Produce Bags

Our local CSA farm at the Ithaca Farmer's Market
I think we all understand the need for reusable shopping bags, but one thing I've been meaning to do for a while now is make my own lightweight and reusable produce bags.  I did some research and found a few great tutorials along with some shopping resources for the non-crafters among us (although, let's face it, this project can be about as easy as it gets).

1.  Simple pattern using mesh fabric and a sewing machine (sewing can be done by hand too) 
2.  Slightly more involved pattern using sheer curtain material and string (requires a sewing machine)
3.  Simple but time consuming tutorial involving cotton and appliques (cuter, but slightly less practical)
4.  Interview with Betz White including a a PDF pattern for stamped muslin bags (cute and practical by the lady who has published books on repurposed sewing projects)

Ready Made
1.  Simple muslin bags, 6 for $12 on Etsy
2.  Cute American made organic cotton bags, $11-$13 each
3.  6 pack of mesh bags with a stuff sack, $12 on Etsy
4.  Canadian made cotton mesh bags, $5.70 (CAD) each

I'm going to get to work on a set of bags this afternoon using a sheer curtain that I bought and hacked apart for a silk screening project last fall (that's another story, but if you're interested you can find a tutorial here).  I think I'll keep it simple by leaving out the draw strings and adding enough length for a big top knot.  

Let me know what sustainable changes you plan to make in honor of Earth Day and enter to win a free pair of Aurora Shoes.  Check this post or scroll down for more details. 

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