Cultivate a Healthy Home

 photo via apartment therapy

I've seen many articles in magazines, etc. talking about how to create a healthy and safe home environment.  They usually focus on the obvious or the commercial (wash your vegetables and buy that new "green" cleaning line put out by Clorox).  Those aren't the kind of tips I'm looking for.  I wanted some real advice so I did some research and found a great article at Healthy Child Healthy World titled, 10 Minute Healthy Home Makeover.  Sure, some of their suggestions are common sense, but most of them dig a little deeper and provide some real information.

If you've got more than 10 minutes and want to go further, here are some great links to check out:

Do it Yourself
-A recipe for making your own Febreeze inspired odor killer
-Got a family member in diapers?  Make your own wet wipes
-Learn about which house plants do the most to improve indoor air quality
-Make your own non-toxic cleaning supplies
-Bookmark this resource and check the toxicity of your kids' toys
-Try one of these recipes and make your own all natural deodorant
-Stop buying shampoo and give this plan a chance
-Give an old can new life by turning it into a kitchen compost pail

Products Worth Considering
-Because sometimes elbow grease is hard to muster - check out this Eureka steam cleaner
-Swap out your plastic Tupperware for American made glass containers from Anchor Hocking
-Natural and organic sunscreen from the makers of Badger Balm

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  1. Thanks for all the great resources! I just discovered your blog and it's great!

  2. What a wonderful jumping off point for good tips to green your home! I've been no-poo for 4+ years now and can't believe how cheap and effective it is! And we mostly haven't used a commercial household cleaner (there's two exceptions due to our hard water) in about 5 years. These things seem daunting at first, but taken in baby steps, they effect a cumulative and big change!

  3. Mind sharing your no-poo success story? I tried for a while and went off but would like to give it another go. How do YOU do it?

  4. Thanks for the homemade "Febreeze" link - I am certainly going to try it! I just finished my bottle of real Febreeze today and vowed that I would try something homemade-safer-more environmentally responsible. Thanks!!!!