Home Made Stain Remover

Today's tip comes from my smart and frugal sister-in-law who has a couple of active kids and knows a thing or two about stain removal.  She shared her recipe for home made stain remover several years ago and I've been using it to successfully remove food, grass, blood and even ink from my clothes ever since.  The recipe is as simple and inexpensive as you can get and I promise you'll never have to go back to buying your 
Shout/Tide/Oxy whatevers again.

Find an empty spray bottle and dump in a whole container of hydrogen peroxide.  Add about a tablespoon of dish soap, give it a swirl and you're done.

This mix can't really touch old set-in stains, but it's fun to watch it attack the new ones - organic stains like grass, fruit and blood cause the peroxide to foam up.  You can literally spray it on, give it a quick scrub and come back to find the stain gone.

I love it and you will too.


  1. Most of our clothes are too far gone to worry about removing new stains, but if I ever have clothes I care about again, I'll certainly try this.

    P.S. Not to be totally irritating, but as a former English teacher I know you'd want to know: You're missing the "t" in "stain" in your header. Blogger doesn't spellcheck titles. As I have learned the hard way myself.

  2. Thanks, Kristin! Too often I'll just type something up, hit post and run off to do something else. Thanks for pointing this out!!!