Healthy Home Made Snacks for the Whole Family

I've been meaning to whip up some doggy treats ever since we adopted Lulu from the local SPCA almost 2 years ago.  She has never been a biscuit lover.  In fact, when we went to pick her out, the floor of her "room" was littered with little doggy treats.  They had little openings where you could slip a treat through so the dog would come closer and you could get a better look.  She'd just let them drop and leave them there.  We all know that Chips Ahoy can't compete with homemade chocolate chip cookies, so I thought that maybe like me, she was just holding out for the good stuff.

Flash forward 2 years and I finally took the time to find a recipe and whip up a batch of what I imagine are just peanut butter cookies minus the sugar.  
I used this recipe from and she loves them.   In fact, we saw a lot of dogs over the weekend and they all loved them.  The ingredients list couldn't be simpler and they came together very quickly.  
Kept in a glass jar, they've stayed moist and smell so good that if I didn't have a peanut allergy, I would have tried one by now.

Give them a shot and check back tomorrow when I'll tell you about our cracker making adventure...


  1. What a nice doggy mom you are. I'll barely bake for my own consumption, forget the dogs. Though I have handled slimy, disgusting raw venison for them, so let it never be said I do nothing for our dogs.

  2. Ha! I'd rather bake for my dog than deal with disgusting raw venison for her. Our love takes many forms :)