Happier the eve than the holiday itself -- Japanese proverb 

I found this list* of Japanese proverbs in high school and copied it into my collection of quotes, poems and other wordy bits that I loved.  The list includes many others, but the proverb above struck me as the most true.  I have always loved the anticipation of a holiday, an event or a season more than the main event itself.  For me it's all about the preparations, the emerging signs and the daydreaming.  That's why I love spring.  

The weather isn't always great, but the signs are all there and they point to warm weather, soft green grass, shady trees and lots of time spent outside enjoying the fresh air. 

Once summer actually hits, the heat and humidity have me daydreaming about fall - it's all about looking forward, I suppose. 

This year I'm making an effort to think about the future a little less and to enjoy the moment a little more.

* Other favorites include:  "to live long keep a cool head, warm feet" and the classic, "the naked man never mislays his wallet".

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