Home Made Muesli

This one falls into the why did I not do this sooner? category.  I LOVE muesli.  And the packages at the grocery store are always so small and expensive.  Turns out it's simple to make and you can't screw it up.  Here's what I used, but really, anything will work.

Simple Muesli

raw oats
dried and chopped fruit (apricots, cranberries, dates and mangoes)
chopped raw nuts (almonds)
raw seeds (sunflower)

Make sure everything big is chopped into small pieces and then mix it all together.  
 Store in an air tight container.
Enjoy your muesli hot or cold (I like cold best) and feel satisfied knowing that you made a healthy and inexpensive breakfast.

If you like having a bit more direction, check out this very similar (and well measured) recipe.


  1. check out the blog FOR THE LOVE OF COOKING - she has some great homemade granola and granola bar recipes along with a lot of other yummy, yummy stuff!

  2. Thanks for the tip! I will check that out - my cookbooks haven't been cutting it lately. Definitely time for some new inspiration.