Home Made Tortillas

Remember this bread recipe? Well, we've come up with another great application - flour tortillas! It was a last minute decision when I saw that we were out of our usual store-bought burrito shells.

I whipped up a quick batch of the master recipe (we were due for more) and rolled it out immediately. I went as thin as I could and then quickly cooked them up in a lightly oiled pan on medium heat. They take less than a minute on each side (flip when it starts to bubble and lightly brown) and that's it. I didn't think to stop and take a photo, but they looked just like this:

Photo via Imagelicious

I filled the tortillas with yummy veggie burrito deliciousness and we gobbled them right up. Jodi says it's the best meal he's had in a while (not sure if that's a straight compliment or not). Either way, they held up better than the ones we buy at the store and they were so easy and inexpensive. There's one more product we can cross off the shopping list for good!

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  1. I discovered the deliciousness of homemade tortillas during college, and nothing can compare! Thanks for sharing the bread recipe, it look easy & I'm eager to try it. Can you share your veggie burrito filling recipe? I love your blog! As a new convert to eating more organic, I think I can learn alot! :)