Homemade Bread Made EASY

Do you love fresh bread but lack the time or dedication to make it regularly?

It really doesn't get any easier than this no-knead bread recipe from Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day via Mother Earth News. We've been mixing up the basic starter recipe (I substitute whole wheat flour with no issues) and have been using it for all kinds of things. It's always ready in the fridge for a quick loaf of bread, pizza dough, cinnamon buns, etc. Our favorite application, and probably the fastest one, is for making naan (it's not just for Indian food!).

Check out the article and recipe and enjoy the fresh baked goodness!


  1. Linda bought that issue of the magazine and remarked on the bread. Except our refrigerator space is at such a premium, I think it makes more sense for us to bake four loaves at a time and freeze them. Especially since I'm the only one that ever eats bread, anyway.

    And when I say "us," I mean "Linda," because while I eat the bread, I don't ever make it.

    That doesn't seem right, does it?

  2. I can't bring myself to make bread the regular way either - that's why this recipe is so great. Has A. really given up bread for good?

  3. Pretty much. Not that he has a strict rule or anything, but he does seem to have some version of wheat sensitivity. He says his nails break a lot more when he's been eating wheat. Apparently, gluten can inhibit calcium absorption for some people, and he's one of them.

  4. Didn't think he'd be one to fret about his nails :) I think more people are sensitive to the stuff than realize it.