The Windowfarm Project

As a conventional organic gardener, I think canning and freezing are great, but isn't fresh food so much better?

Photo via flickr

Check out the Windowfarm Project at windowfarms.org to learn how you can supplement your meals by growing fresh fruits, veggies and herbs year round. The Kickstarter project, founded by Britta Riley and Rebecca Bray, is a grassroots effort to put homemade hydroponic vegetable farms in windows throughout New York City and beyond. The group was recently featured in Ready Made Magazine and is working to develop themselves as a non-profit organization.

Photo via flickr

Plans are are free and available on the group's new website. The materials needed to create a window farm are cheap and as you can see, largely recycled. For those who are not inclined to tinker with plastic bottles and tubing, the group promises that kits are coming soon.

image via windwofarms.org Photo by Sydney Shen

I'll leave you with a snippet from their website:

The Windowfarms project broaches both immediate urban agriculture goals as well as a far-sighted shift in attitudes toward the green revolution. We are both starting a windowfarming craze in cities worldwide and hoping to accelerate the pace of sustainable design by having ordinary citizens think of themselves as innovators...

Few other projects provide opportunities for such direct personal involvement, make this productive use of existing construction, or so directly target urban dwellers estranged from agricultural issues.

I find them to be beautiful, functional, and pretty inspirational. What do you think?


  1. I think the cat would knock them over within seconds. But it's a cool idea.

  2. Yeah, the website talks about putting spiky plants on the window sills to keep cats away.

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