Home Made Holidays

Last year I asked my wood loving husband to make our little guy a play kitchen. I had seen some cute ones and thought maybe he could whip up something rustic and simple. I was floored when he showed me this:

He used live edged oak and walnut, both from fallen trees that he found and had sawn up. The walnut came from our yard - it fell during a wind storm the year we moved in. The sink is made from a curved pipe and a dog dish. The knobs and burners are sliced branches.

It's been almost a year, and he still "cooks" in his kitchen every day. I'm pretty jealous of his countertop - wouldn't that be cool in a real kitchen?


  1. WOW.. that is amazing that he could do that! He is the crafty one on the family that is for sure!

  2. Yeah he really is - now if he could just finish the other projects...