Real Beauty

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Who doesn't love the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty ads? I've never understood how people were supposed to believe that any product could make them look like Halle Berry in the Revlon ads. Even Halle herself doesn't look that good.

So I was happy to come across this article, titled Point, Shoot, Retouch and Label? from the New York Times. According to the article, a 47 year old French mother and Parliment member named Valérie Boyer has proposed a law that would require all digitally altered photographs used in advertising to be labeled as retouched.

The article includes a picture of Boyer, and I can assure you she's not just some bitter slouch looking to stick it to the pretty women of the world. She's on a mission to put some truth back into mass media advertising. The issue is pretty controversial (read the article to see what other pros think about it) and a law like this wouldn't solve all of the problems associated with the media and body image, but it seems to me that it would be a big step in the right direction.

Note: I'd love to upload the video on this page here. Not sure how, but it's a must see!


  1. i hope this works! when i worked in advertising for Maybelline the GM of Maybelline asked us to make sure we "cleaned up" Christie Turlington's legs, as they are "a little thick" !!!!!!! appalling!

  2. I'm shaking my head right now. It's absurd!