Journaling with Kids

I am a huge fan of journal keeping.  I had various diaries growing up and when I became pregnant for the first time, I took the pastime up again, not so much because I love to write about my days (I actually find it to be pretty tedious) but because I love reading through them later.  Now that I've become the record keeper of my children's youth, I'm really glad that I started as early as I did. 

BUT, you know how the oldest kid in a family always has tons of photos of them as a baby and then the second has fewer, and by the time your parents got to the third or fourth, there was no time for thinking outside of the moment let alone take a picture for the record?  I've been kind of like that since Wystan was born.  I promised myself that I wouldn't slack off, but I did.

I love this journal because it's broken down into simple questions, the writing ends up being in their own unique "voice" and it's kid specific, so in 30 years you can hand it over and inspire your child to try it too.  I have this journal in my Amazon cart right now.  I'll start with Leif (he's 5 and has a lot to say) and maybe by the time Wyst is really talking, we'll have come up with a replica of our own (seems easy enough, right?).

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