A Brief Update

This fall has been full of transitions.  We have a new floor, a new baby, Leif has started preschool and I've entered into a new decade (hello 30s!).
In progress and looking good
Just minutes old
First day at preschool
30th birthday photo shoot
a few shots later - this is my life


  1. Alyssa!
    Congrats and Happy Birthday all in one ;)
    Great to see you back in blogland and looking so great!
    Is that boy licking the little one ;P lol

  2. love the new update alyssa and the last photo is hilarious! i am so glad you still have your sense of humor even if it may seem your sanity is gone ;)

  3. You look a little sleepy girl! When I come up later this month you can send Leif to Grandma's for a few days with Lani! Can't wait to see you guys and meet the new one.

  4. Yeah, I think the look on your face says it all.

    But just think of all the wonderful immunities Wystan is building up courtesy of his licky big brother.

  5. Wonderful photos. The family is beautiful.
    Wish I had that floor and the house. Artistic.
    Happy Birthday! B.