Fruit Fly Don't Bother Me!

It's been a wonderful year for fresh produce around here and I have not seen the bottom of my fruit bowl in months.  I made a successful fruit fly trap early in the summer and haven't had to deal with the pesky little things until recently.  I had dumped the trap thinking that fruit fly season was over only to have them return in full force.  I'm about to go and make another batch, but thought I'd share my recipe here first.  

Fruit Fly Trap
one small mouthed jar or bottle 
cider vinegar
dish soap

Fill a portion of the jar or bottle with the vinegar and add a few drops of the dish soap.  I'm not sure if it matters, but my sister-in-law swears by Dawn, so borrowed some from my mom and used it last time.  This time I'm using my biodegradable, all natural stuff and will let you know if it makes a difference.  Don't mix the soap in or anything, just let it drop.  Place the jar near your fruit source and watch the little buggers collect at the bottom.  

Apparently the vinegar draws the flies in and the soap creates a change in the surface tension of the liquid, causing the flies to fall in and drown.  I have heard that this will also work in a bowl if you cover it with plastic wrap with small holes poked in the top.

Have you ever tried this before?  Do you have any other tips to share?


  1. I don't even bother with the soap. Just apple cider vinegar. Which I inevitably forget to replace occasionally, and then the fruit flies decide the starting-to-rot peaches are much more enticing.

    Soon, the little buggers will freeze to death, and I WILL NOT BE SAD.

  2. I hate fruit flies. I've avoided buying fruit that can't be refrigerated...AND I'm super vigilant about disposing of fruit/vegetable waste quickly. But, those things somehow find their way into our house. I really appreciate this post!

  3. Yes! Great minds think alike. I had been using plain vinegar and sometimes the little buggers would get out. A friend of mine told me to put a drop of dish liquid in and they'd sink to the bottom. I've tried it covered (plastic wrap with holes) and uncovered. I have more success with it (small ramekin) uncovered. They've been very pesky this year, may put a few around the kitchen next year.

    1. I agree - uncovered seems to work best for me, too. It's almost that time again...