Mother's Day Weekend

Mother's Day, 2009
Two grandmas and the kid who doesn't know how lucky he is to have this

It's my 3rd Mother's Day and I'm finally starting to feel like a real mom and not just a 29-year-old girl who's pretending to be one.  Jodi's final day of classes is today so all of his final projects have to be wrapped up by 4:00 this afternoon.  He still has a few exams, but it looks like we just might have a weekend spent together.  This comes just in time for Mother's Day.  Now I just have to decide what I want to do.  Normally I'd enjoy a great breakfast followed by time spent out of doors but they're calling for snow on Sunday.  


What are your Mother's Day plans looking like this year?


  1. I think the grandmother-in-law is coming over after church for lunch. And maybe the mother-in-law will make me the crazy chocolate cupcakes (with truffle filling--YUM) in Cook's Illustrated. But that's about it.

    P.S. Whenever y'all make it home for good, I have a bunch of tomato seedlings for you. So don't buy any until you come take some of my extras, because NO ONE needs 17 Stupice plants.

  2. My mother's day will be me, reading a book in complete and utter silence, uninterrupted by anyone. It will be delightful!