We Have a Winner!

First off, thank you to everyone who committed to making a change (or 2 or 3 or 10) in an effort to make this world a better place.  Let's face it, winning shoes is great but improving your own life and inspiring others to do the same is pretty rewarding too.  

I was most impressed by the variety of ideas shared and have to say that many of them have inspired me to make further changes in my own life.   I had to laugh when I read Emily's commitment to switch to family cloth - NOT because the concept is funny, but because I was going to post about it as an idea for inspiration and I let my mom and her friend talk me out of it thinking that it was "too far out" and would scare people away.  It's something that we haven't started yet, but that I've been thinking about.  With a cloth diaper pail right next to the toilet it really couldn't get much easier to make the transition.  So, Emily, thanks for making that idea seem more normal!

On to our winner....  

It took some time to do the figuring and sorting, but we were finally able to separate the entries and I let Leif randomly pick our winner.  Congratulations and a new pair of shoes go to Angela who wrote:
Today I'll be sewing a stack of cloth napkins and a bunch of kitchen towels. My mom always brings me a huge bag of paper towels when she visits, and while I appreciate the gesture I can't stand the waste. For the second entry how about this blog:
I encourage everyone to check back and look through the comments from the original give away post for the great ideas, links and inspiration. 

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