Restoration Inspiration

When Jodi finally wraps up this school year he's planning to take a couple of weeks to (carefully) remove the horrid 1950s era, asbestos ridden gray tile in our dining room and hallway.  We bought a cheap rug last  year to cover the stuff and to keep Leif from picking at the broken tiles, but restoring the old pine underneath will be so much better. 

I'm hoping for a floor like this one.  The furniture, blackboard and all that natural light would be nice too...


  1. No kidding. If it really is asbestos tile. I wouldn't spread it around that you are removing it. The EPA will be there to help. And it will be costly. If you can, just cover it up with the new floor.
    I saw a home improvement show where they were removing asbestos pipes from a basement and it looked like a science lab working with a highly contagious pathogen. Everyone had on hazmat suits and there were layers of plastic you had to go through to get in and out. I don't know if it was overkill(it looked like it to me). I guess it gets in the air and gets on everything. Maybe you should do some research before you start. I think they recommend not to remove it and just cover it. But, first , are you sure it is asbestos? Some people call things something they really aren't.

  2. I just looked around . You can remove it yourself. The Minnesota Dept. of Health web site has a very comprehensive list of recommendations on how to do it. Sounds like you do need to be very careful.

  3. Thanks for the tip. According to my father in law the asbestos is in the black glue and not the tiles themselves. Jodi's plan was to wet it all down to limit dust and carefully pull up the tiles with all other rooms sealed with plastic and his industrial dust mask on.

    I will definitely look into the safety further - with a little one and a baby on the way we don't need any more toxic dust than we probably already have!

  4. Do those floors come with that big chalkboard and the little girl, too?

    I hope you have a girl. I really want to shop for some adorable little dresses.

  5. I'm hoping they all come together! I know - those little dresses get me every time.