Pet Rocks

Inspired by Maya's stone dolls, we took on a similar project at Grandma's house over the weekend.  Leif spent most of his time concentrating on completely covering each stone - not what I had in mind, but he enjoyed it.

During a lull in the activity I quickly painted up a little penguin who has now become a treasured "friend". Leif looks out for this guy and loves putting him to bed.  I had to draw the line when he wanted to take him into the tub.  It's only tempera paint - we would have lost him.  

Who says kids need fancy toys? 


  1. Okay, Cubby's going to your house for craft time when he's older. There is no way on earth I could paint a penguin like that. My artistic skills ended with stick figures.

  2. We'll host craft time if you'll continue to host the gardening and canning workshops!

  3. So cute! I have some river rocks - was thinking of using them in some sort of art project - your penguin has inspired me!