Snow Big Deal

When we moved north this fall we worried about what living in a "snow belt" might be like. Luckily, it hasn't been crazy at all. We get snow all the time, and the bay we live on has frozen over completely, but we've only had to dig the car out a couple of times. If it's going to be cold (and it has been!), I'd rather have snow than not.


  1. Leif looks like he is loving the weather, I wish we could say the same! It is too cold to even take Cate outside to enjoy the snow!

  2. Yeah, it takes a while for them to toughen up - this is our first winter playing in the snow. He does love it!

  3. Leif does look adorable in the snow, but he also looks adorable in an Ergo! Look:

    Thank you so much for the guest post!